Automotive Embedded Systems Course

Basics of Automotive domain

use of Embedded in automotive

Automotive product development life cycle

Automotive Sensors  and Transducers

Automotive grade microcontrollers

Temperature, Force, Humidity Sensor 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2),Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Proximity Distance Sensors

Hall Sensor for Speed

PWM Generation

Motor Control

Brushless DC Motor Control

Vehicle Sub Systems & IVN

Building Blocks of Automotive  Product 

Actuators , Sensors ,Semiconductor  Components , Devices (MOSFET, SCR)

Integrated Circuits &  SMD Components  

Electric Motors & Driving Techniques :  Stepper Motors , DC Motor , BLDC

Designing Printed Circuit Board 

PCB Design considerations for Thermal, Reliability, EMI/EMC

Communication Protocol :  USART, I2C , SPI, CAN Bus

Microcontroller  Architecture : MSP430 

MSP 430 launchpad

Freescale Controller

 32 Bit ARM LPC2148 & Cortex M3

CAN Protocol Training:

Introduction to CAN protocol 

Use of CAN protocol in Automotive

Basic of CAN Standard and Extended

CAN communication

Implementation of CAN drivers

CAN Hardware

comparison I2C,SPI,RS232-drawbacks

why CAN, CAN basics, OSI -reference model,

node concept, CSMA/CD-CR

Frame contents for all types

Physical Layer, Arbitration Concept, Frame Formats

Bit-stuffing coding

Types of errors – ack error, stuff error, form error, bit error,crc error

CAN bus arbitration

Fault Confinement

LIN Versus CAN

Interfacing of PIC18f458 with MCP2551 and CAN BUS

Bit timing calculations

Baud Rate calculations

Architecture of CAN engine in PIC18f458

need of filter and mask registers

modes discussion in pic18f458

Project creation

loop back mode testing

creating 2 nodes =transmitter and receiver nodes

send any data from transmitter node and receiving  the same data on receiver node

Interview questions and discussion

CAB Bus Analyzer Tool Chain

Building Simple CAN Application using CAN Training Kit

Automotive BMS : battery management System Project

Body control unit

ECU: Engine Control Unit

Duration: 4 Months

  • Batches : Regular as well as Weekends
  • fast track Batch option available.



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