Embedded Linux Training

Embedded Linux Training in Pune:

Linux :
• Linux Concepts
• Accessing the command line (terminal and desktop)
• Accessing and using manual pages
• Working with the command line and the shell
• Piping and redirection
• Linux OS
• Different Linux commands like cp , mv mount
• Introduction to VI editor. VI editor settings
• Creating script
• Shell variables conditions (if else )
• Shell control structures
• Shell programs to read command line parameters
• Linux lab for shell programming

 Embedded Linux & OS Concepts:
• Linux Architecture
• Generic Architecture of a Embedded Linux,
• System Start up, Types of Boot Configuration
• Root File System Structure, Root file system setup
• Setting up the boot loader
• Embedded Storage (Memory Technology Devices)
• Embedded File System
• Process creation & Process termination
• Threads ,programming on threads
• Inter process communication
• Different IPC mechanism like shared memory semaphores, message queues
• Process synchronization mechanism, mutex
• Linux system calls for signals

Duration : 1 month



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