Diploma in Automotive Embedded System

Diploma in Automotive Embedded System: 

Automotive Systems: 

Automotive Embedded system design , Automotive Vehicle Technology,  Introduction to Vehicle ElectronicsCritical & Non critical parameters, Vehicle Network, Body controlEMSClimate control/Infotainment,Vehicle Sub Systems like Engine,Ignition control, Body control, Fuel, Emission, Brakes, Suspension, Emission, Doors, Safety units & Security, Infotainment , Communication & Lighting, Future Trends in Automotive Embedded Systems : Latest upcoming technologies used in automotive

Automotive Sensor & other components

Automotive Sensors  and Transducers: Temperature, Pressure, Force, Humidity, CO2 Sensor ,Proximity sensor, Distance Sensors, Hall Sensor, Engine Knock Sensor, Potentiometer , Flow sensor. Typical Sensors Specifications & Interfacing with micro controllers Considerations, Calibrations of different sensor

Automotive Product  Design life Cycle: 

Concept to actual design of product, Building Blocks of Automotive Product design , Simulation of design , Hardware implementation, Firmware development, Integration of project, Testing in system,  Electronic Product : Actuators , Semiconductor  Components , Devices (MOSFET, JFET,SCR,BJT), Integrated Circuits (ICs), SMD Components  and Packages , PCBs etc., Different Electric Motors & Driving Techniques :  Stepper Motors , DC Motor , BLDC, PM Motor etc. 

Automotive Protocols

Use of  Protocols, Communication Protocols : RS485 MODBUS, RS 232,  I2C protocol , SPI Protocol, Introduction to Automotive Protocols : LIN, CAN,  J1939, FlexRay . Basics of CAN Protocol, use of CAN protocol in Automotive, CAN Standard and Extended, CAN communication, CAN bus arbitration, Fault Confinement, Implementation of CAN on hardware,CAN with live data analysis, CAN Transceivers, CAN Node creation and communication between nodes, Simple project with CAN, Introduction to Vehicle Calibration, Diagnostic,Boot loaders

Firmware Development:

Automotive Gradecontrollers,  MSP430 , Freescale Controller , Cortex M3 , 

Introduction to Software Development Tools : Keil MDK, Freescale Codewarrior,  TI Code Composer Studio .Software modelsV Model, Coding Standards and Guidelines: MISHRA C, Introduction to Software quality tools, Version control tools

Testing and Validation:

Various tests to be conducted on unit, Procedure of test, Types of tests,

Functional Test

Black Box Test

Boundary level Test




EMI/EMC, Noise

Live Project