IOT Online training with Nodemcu esp8266

This online IOT Training is Live instructor led interactive program covers everything from basic to Advance and completely practical oriented approach. Each enrolled candidate will be provided with LAB@Home Option in which Kit all hardware required,  tools and software’s required will be provided with course.
Iot is one of the fastest growing future technology  covering almost all domains like automaton, automotive vehicles, Energy systems, Power electronics, mechanical , consumer electronics, embedded system, logistics , IT services,  electrical, robotics.

Key Features

  • 50 Hrs Instructor-led Live Interactive Training
  • 40 Hrs Project Work & Exercises
  • Free kit with course
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Certification and Job Assistance

This online course on IOT is from very basic to advance part so every candidate can understand concepts irrespective of technical background. Any Technical graduate fresher or experienced professionals  working on Position like team lead can also do this course.

Course outline :
IOT online training using nodemcu

Introduction of iot

Architecture of iot & how iot works

Applications of iot in real world

Recent Trend in iot and automation

Hardware used in iot application

software and tools used in iot

Use of Different Iot platforms

Hardware and software  used

basics of nodemcu

Nodemcu board outline

Tools used for programming

installation of IDE used and other tools

difference in  Arduino and Nodemcu

Functions ad loops used in programming

Writing First program with nodemcu

Input peripheral interfacing

Simple LED program with nodemcu

Output programming with nodemcu

Analog sensor interfacing with nodemcu

interfacing relay with node

Control devices from a Web page

Creating a Webserver on Nodemcu

Digital sensor interfacing

Connecting nodemcu to wifi

using twitter with nodemcu

Node tweeting data on Twitter

IR sensor interfacing with kit

Bluetooth device interfacing

Use of bluetooth for home automation

Controlling Bluetooth applications from mobile

use of Google assistant with nodemcu

Connecting hardware node with IOT platform

Configuring hardware kit with iot platform

Setting u GUI/Interface on cloud

Use of MQTT Protocol

MQTT basics

MQTT signaling

MQTT quality of service

MQTT Broker/Client

Implementing of MQTT on device

Use of PUBSUB Library for Nodemcu

controlling Devices form IOT platform

using mobile applications for iot

Sending real time data on server using nodesDisplaying data on server using graphs , charts etc

Real time Monitoring devices from IOT platform

Home automation project implementation using kit

Accessing and using IFTTT

Creating Applets in IFTTT

Designing Smart Bulb using voice and google assistant

Course Duration : 1 month