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The Internet of Things (IOT) is the next wave, world is going to witness. Today, we live in an era of connected devices (mobile phones, computers etc.), the future is of connected things (Things mean: home appliances, vehicles, lamp-posts, personal accessories, your pets, industrial equipment’s and everything which you use in day to-day life).

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a rapid rate, and it is becoming increasingly important for professionals to understand what it is, how it works, and how to harness its power to improve business. This introductory course will enable learners to leverage their business and/or technical knowledge across IoT-related functions in the workplace.

In the course, we will examine the concept of IoT. We will look at the ‘things’ that make up the Internet of Things, including how those components are connected together, how they communicate, and how they value add to the data generated. We will also examine cybersecurity and privacy issues, and highlight how IoT can optimize processes and improve efficiencies in your business

Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving and changing the world rapidly. It is making the world small and connected to each other. Nowadays IoT is the backbone of every industry such as smart homes, smart cities, smart cars and the automation industry, today each and every industry is dependent upon IoT. The Internet of Things is all about connected life.


Today we hear a lot about this new era of “smart” and “connected” everywhere—smart homes, smart cars, smart gadgets, and even smart enterprises. No area of our work or personal lives seems to be untouched by these advancements in creating the ultimate connected experience.

This change has presented the modern-day consumer with an unprecedented amount of convenience and comfort through smarter living. This has further raised consumer expectations, and technology innovators are constantly striving to meet these ever increasing demands.


Syllabus :

What is IoT and Working with IoT

How does IoT work?

Building Blocks of IoT

What are the words I need to know?

Why IOT (Opportunities & Application of IOT)?

Challenges in IoT and Understand IoT design solution

Linux :

Linux Concepts

Linux Architecture

Introduction to components of I/O architecture

Objectives of Linux I/O model

Virtual file system

File system services

Accessing the command line (terminal and desktop)

Accessing and using manual pages

Working with the command line and the shell

Piping and redirection

Linux OS

Different Linux commands like cp , mv mount

Introduction to VI editor. VI editor settings

Creating script

Shell variables conditions (if else )

Shell control structures

Shell programs to read command line parameters

Linux lab for shell programming

Autostart Scripts

Python :

Python Basics and programming

using python on Raspberry Pi

Data types in python

using variables in python

Casting, string operatins

use of Python Tuples

use of operators in python

python looping in linux

functions used in python

Classes and objects

File handling in python

Arduino :

Getting Started with Arduino

Arduino Code Language (C Refresher)

Inputs and App Control

Arduino Simulation Environment

Sensors, Signals & Electronics :

Introduction to Open Source platform

An Overview of Open Hardware

Arduino Board Description

Getting started with the Arduino IDE writing your first program on Arduino

Analog Sensor

Basic electronics refresher

Digital Sensors

Digital Signals

Sensors overview

Difference between Parallel and Serial Communication

Communication Protocols

USART / UART Protocol

RS232 Standard

TTL Converter

UART Programming

GSM Interfacing

Basic Networking with NODEMCU

Intro to NODEMCU

Basic Wireless Networking

Sensor Log

Advanced Micro Controller Concepts

LED blink using MQTT

Messaging and MQTT

Raspberry Pi :

Introducing the Raspberry Pi

Course Objectives and Course Map

Booting the Raspberry Pi 3

OS Options Overview

Camera Interfacing : Application Imaging, Video Recording,

Interfacing Hardware with the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Remote Access

Bash Command-line

Raspberry Pi LED Blink Example

Linux Overview and Device Drivers

Google firebase

Connecting device to Google Firebase

Creating real time database in google firebase

Creating Web server using Firebase

HTTP and MQTT On firebase

Appliance control through google assistant

use of Amazon Alexa on Raspberry Pi

Machine-to-Machine Communication

Sensors Integration

Node-red: M2M and Gateway

Multimedia Concepts

Raspberry Pi Media Server

Running Services

Speech Processing Concepts

Voice Control Application

Voice Control System Architecture

Amazon Alexa tool & Google voice assistant:

Raspberry Security Cam

Amazon AWS IOT

We move to IaaS with Amazon’s cloud offering – AWS.

This means creating your own server instance in the cloud, choosing and configuring its OS, and running your service.

AWS IoT core services, AWS Message Brokers

AWS Elastic Compute Cloud ec2 instance, Server deployment in AWS

Case Study on Home Automation In this first of our case studies, we examine what an ideal home automation system will look like and how it will be organized. We’ll talk about the nodes, the gateway and the cloud services that such a system would need.

Connectivity beyond Wi-Fi

Case Study on Smart City IoT technology is relevant for more than just consumer goods. This video looks at how we might go about building smart city solutions.

BLE Connectivity at ultra-short ranges can be just as important as those at longer distance when it comes to certain IoT applications. We look at bluetooth and other radio frequency alternatives.

Batch Scheduled

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1 Advance Career Track in Embedded

8 Sep 2023 ,
25 Sep 2023

4 Months
2PG Diploma in Embedded Systems

8 Sep 2023 ,
25 Sep 2023

3 Months
3PG Diploma in Automotive Embedded

8 Sep 2023 ,
25 Sep 2023

3 months
4 IOT ( Internet of Things )

8 Sep 2023 ,
25 Sep 2023

45 days
5 Advance IOT ( Internet of Things )

8 Sep 2023 ,
25 Sep 2023

3 Months

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