IoT Using Raspberry Pi Online Training

IoT with Raspberry Pi: 
This is online interactive IoT course which covers everything from basic to advance including practicals and projects on iot. All the connects and topics in the syllabus implemented practically to get better understanding of IoT.
The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized Programable computer with wifi, Bluetooth & external peripherals support makes it great choice for IoT applications.

Why iot and who can upgrade to IoT : 
IoT is one of the top growing technologies of current era . Almost all Technical giant companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, Cisco working into field of IoT. All major MNC Companies developing teams for their future iot products. 
using iot we can build applications to collect real time data from all connected devices which can be anything form simple wireless node to complex machine, store & analyse dataon server , take decisions based on  analysis of data. IOT Application domains include Security, Industrial automation, Power electronics, vehicles, Building automation, robotics, agriculture,  smart cities to many other domains. 

Any Technical graduate who is willing to make career in iot can undergo this training. Working professionals having some domain expertise can do this course to upgrade their skills and explore opportunities in iot. Job profiles for candidates having good knowledge in iot includes IoT Engineer, IoT Developer, Embedded Iot Engineer.

Syllabus of IOT with Rpi : 
Introduction of iot
Architecture of iot
Components of IoT and devices used
Programming concepts used
Basics of linux
Python basics
Use of python in iot
Introduction to Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi hardware design
Explore possibilities with Rpi
Using python in raspberry Rpi
Connecting raspberry Pi
Use Rpi as an Linux desktop
Raspberry GPIO Programming
Use of analog & digital sensors in IoT
Interfacing sensors with Raspberry Pi
Digital Sensor Interfacing
Analog Sensor Interfacing
Wifi & Bluetooth Interfacing
use of different libraries & api’s
Camera Interfacing
Networking with raspberry Pi
Implementation of Web server on Rpi
Connecting Rpi to IoT platforms
Sending data to server using Rpi
Controlling Rpi from server
use of mobile applications for IoT
Use of different IOT protocols
Implementation & use of Http protocol
MQTT Protocol
MQTT Broker and client
Implementation of MTT on Raspberry Pi
Automation & Controlling devices using Rpi
Introduction to Google Firebase
Connecting Rpi to Google Firebase
Real time application project using Rpi

Duration : 1 month
Weekdays/Weekend Batches Available