AVR Training

AVR Microcontroller Training :

Introduction to AVR

Series of AVR controllers

Architecture of AVR

What is embedded System

Embedded Design development life cycle

Programming in Embedded System

Design Issues in Embedded Systems

Introduction to Embedded Development tools

Assemblers, Compilers, Linkers, Loaders, Debuggers

Embedded In-Circuit Emulators and JTAG

Tools, Build Tools for Embedded Systems

Avr studio IDE

Electronics Designing Concepts

Types of Memory

Pin Configuration of AVR

Registers of AVR

Memory Paging, Addressing modes

Different ports and DDR register

Literal and control Operations

Watchdog timer, Interrupts, Timers/ counter

External Hardware Interfacing:

LED Interfacing

Switch Interfacing

PWM Interfacing

LCD Interfacing

ADC Interfacing

Timer Interfacing

UART Interfacing

Keypad 4*4 Interfacing

Relay Interfacing

Sensor Interfacing

Buzzer Interfacing

DC motor Interfacing

GSM Interfacing

To download Syllabus
click->AVR Syllabus



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