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Embedded Linux Training

Embedded Linux Training :

Embedded Linux Training:

At Technoscripts we are providing Online Training For Embedded System & online IOT courses. All Online Courses comes with content same as delivered in classroom training with all practicals covered. we are giving online training for fresher students as well as professionals. Training program will be Personalised Interactive, guided by industry Experts, driven by technology, and designed to upgrade your skills and achieve career goals

Every course we are providing have 100% Placement support. There are different courses in embedded system , internet of things ( Iot), Matlab, Automotive, Autosar etc.

All the required kits will be provided to candidates as per requirement for practical purpose. Training will be interactive live instructor led training, students can participate and sole all queries. Batch size will be small so all students can interactive actively and get good understanding of topic covered.

After Course completion interview preparation sessions will be conducted and placement process will be started.


Embedded Linux:

Overview for Embedded Linux

Use of embedded Linux in applications

Linux Concepts

Accessing the command line (terminal and desktop)

Accessing and using manual pages

Working with the command line and the shell

Piping and redirection

Linux OS

Introduction to Open Source concepts

Development environment and Tools

Linux file system

Basics regarding Kernel Space and its interface to User Space

Shell and basic shell commands

Different Linux commands like cp , mv mount

Introduction to VI editor.

Creating script

Shell variables conditions (if else )

Shell control structures

Shell programs to read command line parameters

Linux lab for shell programming

Open source and choice-points for Embedded development

Setting up Embedded development environment

Boot loader and building root file system

Components of Embedded Linux Kernel

Embedded application programming

Embedded Linux & OS Concepts:

Linux Architecture

Introduction to components of I/O architecture

Objectives of Linux I/O model

Virtual file system

File system services

I/O cache

Understanding file descriptors

Generic Architecture of a Embedded Linux

System Start up, Types of Boot Configuration

Root File System Structure, Root file system setup

Setting up the boot loader

Embedded Storage (Memory Technology Devices)

Embedded File System

Introduction to common file APIs

Accessing file attributes

Standard I/O operations

File control operations(fcntl())

Alternate File I/O models

Huge file I/O

Monitoring File and directory events

Use cases

Process creation & Process termination

Threads ,programming on threads

Inter process communication

Different IPC mechanism like shared memory semaphores, message queues

Process synchronization mechanism, mutexes

Linux system calls for signals

Difference between native compiler and cross compiler

Porting Linux kernel and Root file system to Rpi board

Raspbian OS (Linux Desktop)

Setting up the RPi : Raspbian OS

Booting the RPi

Writing Linux Application on Rpi

Batch Scheduled

Sr. No.Course NameBatch ScheduleDurationRegistration
1 Advance Career Track in Embedded

17 June 2024 ,
24 June 2024

5 Months
2PG Diploma in Automotive Embedded

17 June 2024 ,
24 June 2024

3 months
3Autosar Training

17 June 2024

3 months
4 IOT ( Internet of Things )

17 June 2024 ,
24 June 2024

45 days

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