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Matlab Simulink Course & Matlab Course in Pune


Welcome to TechnoScripts, India's leading Embedded Systems Training Institute, where innovation meets expertise! We are thrilled to unveil our latest offering, the MATLAB Course in Pune with MATLAB Simulink course. In an era where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, mastering MATLAB course in Pune & MATLAB Simulink Course is key to staying at the forefront of the embedded systems industry. This course is meticulously crafted to empower participants with a profound understanding and hands-on proficiency in MATLAB Simulink, a powerful tool for designing, simulating, and implementing complex systems. Technoscripts provides best MATLAB Simulink classes & MATLAB course in Pune. We provide placement support and professional certificate that will give a kick-start to your career.

At Technoscripts classes can be joined as online and offline classes. We have courses that will provide you 100% Placement support. MATLAB Simulink Course and MATLAB Course in Pune are for professionals and freshers where they can earn industry-recognized Certificate with placement support from Technoscripts. Join us at TechnoScripts and let's shape the future of embedded systems through the dynamic realm of MATLAB Simulink course and MATLAB course in Pune at Technoscripts. Your pathway to success in this cutting-edge field starts right here!

Course Structure

The MATLAB Simulink Course & MATLAB Course in Pune at TechnoScripts is thoughtfully structured to provide a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience. Beginning with an introduction to MATLAB Course and MATLAB Simulink Course, participants delve into fundamental concepts of model-based development, understanding its applications and challenges. The course progresses to Simulink modeling techniques, covering block diagram modeling, signal routing, and subsystems. Participants then gain practical skills in simulation and analysis, configuring simulations, and validating models.

The integration of Simulink with embedded systems is a pivotal module, focusing on code generation, hardware deployment, and real-time simulation. The curriculum also includes engaging real-world case studies and projects, offering practical insights and application scenarios. Throughout the course, participants benefit from hands-on lab sessions, ensuring a robust understanding of the material. The final module assesses comprehension through projects, providing a platform for participants to showcase their skills. This structured approach ensures that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of MATLAB Simulink and model-based development, preparing them for success in the embedded systems industry.

Course Details

Duration: 3 Months

Mode: Online/ Offline

Batch Size: 5-10



Overview of MATLAB Space

Dive into MATLAB - User Interface

Dive into MATLAB - As a calculator

2 Matrices in MATLAB

Creating Matrices in MATLAB

Matrix Indexing

Colon Operator

Sum, Transpose, Diagonal - Basic matrix operations

3. Variables and Expressions

Declaring Variables

Data Types

Numbers, Operators, and In-Built Functions

MATLAB - Workspace

4. Working with Matrices

Creating sub-matrix


Scalar Expansion

Logical Subscribing

5. Flow Control

Conditional Control - if, else, switch

Loop Control - for, while, continue, break

Error Control - try, catch

Program Termination - return

6. Special Data Structures

Cell Arrays

Multidimensional Arrays

Characters and Text


7. MATLAB - Programming

The MATLAB Editor


MATLAB Functions

Scripts vs Functions e. Examples + Case Study

8. Types of Functions

Primary and sub-functions

Function Handles

Anonymous and Inline Functions

Nested Functions

Function Overloading

9. Optimization and Debugging in MATLAB

Setting breakpoints

Running with breakpoints

Examining values in debug mode

Efficient Memory Pre-allocation and Management

Timing Analysis and Improvements - Profiler f. Performance Improvement Techniques - Vectorization

10. MATLAB I/O operations

File operations

Read and write to Excel

Saving data in MATLAB - MAT files

11. Plotting and Visualization with MATLAB

Visualizing Data

Importing Data into MATLAB

Basic plotting commands

Labelling, Annotating, and Customizing Plots

2-D and 3-D Plots


Creating GUI using GUIDE

Layout and design of GUI elements

Programming of callbacks


1. Introduction

Overview of MATLAB Environment

MATLAB - User Interface

SIMULINK - User Interface

What is Simulation?

2. Simulation Fundamentals

Need for Simulation

Simulation Parameters - Simulation Time and Step Size

Solver - Types and Use

Introduction to Model-Based Design

3. Simulink Basics

Simulink Library Browser

Simulink Editor Window

Creating a simple model

Connecting blocks

Simulating the model

4. Simulink Case Study Bouncing Ball Simulation

5. Simulink Library - I

Introduction to common blocks

Types of blocks - Virtual and Non-Virtual

Setting Block Parameters and Data Types

Case Study - Design of Counter

6. Simulink Library - II

Design Examples using common blocks

Signal Routing in Simulink

Logic and Bit operations in Simulink

7. Simulink Library - III

Creating subsystem

Conditionally executed subsystem

Control Flow Blocks - if, else, switch, for, while, do-while

8. Simulink Library - IV

Math operations in Simulink

Lookup Tables

9. Simulink Data Import Export

Importing Data from MATLAB workspace

Exporting Simulation Data to MATLAB workspace

Data Import and Logging workflow

Importing Data to Signal Builder via Excel

10. Simulink - STATEFLOW I

Introduction to Finite State Machines

Need for Stateflow

Stateflow Truth Table

Stateflow Chart Editor

11. Simulink - STATEFLOW II

Flow-based logic

State-based logic

Super state vs Sub states

Stateflow elements - functions, embedded MATLAB functions, etc.

Case Study - Implementing a Traffic Signal controller

12. Debugging Models - Simulink and Stateflow

Setting breakpoints

Running with breakpoints

Examining values in debug mode

Batch Scheduled

Sr. No. Course Name Batch Schedule Duration Registration
1 Advance Career Track in Embedded

27 April 2024 ,
6 May 2024

5 Months
2 PG Diploma in Automotive Embedded

27 April 2024 ,
6 May 2024

3 months
3 Autosar Training

11 May 2024

3 months
4 IOT ( Internet of Things )

27 April 2024 ,
16 May 2024

45 days

Course Benefits:

  • Gain hands-on experience in MATLAB Simulink for model-based development.
  • Acquire skills relevant to the embedded systems industry.
  • Enhance employability with a certification from India's leading Embedded Systems Training Institute.
  • Learn from experienced industry professionals and educators.
  • Access to our extensive network of alumni and industry connections.

General FAQs:

1. Who can enroll in this course?

This course is suitable for engineering students, professionals, and anyone with an interest in embedded systems and model-based development.

2. Do I need prior experience in MATLAB or Simulink?

While prior experience is not mandatory, a basic understanding of programming and engineering concepts would be beneficial.

3. What type of projects will be included in the course?

The course includes real-world case studies and projects covering various industries, allowing participants to apply their skills in practical scenarios.

4. How is the course assessed?

Assessment will be based on assignments, quizzes, and a final project to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered.

5. Is certification provided upon completion?

Yes, participants who complete the course will receive a certification from TechnoScripts.