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What is Iot and where it is used?

IOT is Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of physically connected devices and things that are accessible through the internet. it is network of interconnected devices that are installed with some sort of sensors, applications, software, etc which helps it to collect data and make the working manner easy and understanding.

It is very helpful in the data switch which occurs between the outer world & the computer systems over the present current network.

IOT is trending in the market & that is why our TechnoScripts IOT training institute in Pune is also trending.

IOT at very great speed is on its way to the nerves of the top technologies giants & business societies.

We just can’t ignore the hype/attention which IOT has received in recent time is incredible.

According to a report, there is definitely going to be a profit in the no’s of connected devices in 2016 in comparison with 2015 with 6.4 billion IoT devices and most importantly the no’s are going to get a hype of maybe 26 billion by 2020.

Digital Electronics frequently asked Interview Questions

Let me give a brief enlightenment on this particular domain i.e. Digital Electronics.It is a very important and a common subject for electrical, electronics & Instrumentation Engineering student. It deals including the theory & practical knowledge of digital system and how they are performed in various digital instruments.These questions have especially been designed for the Electronics Engineering Students, especially for those who are preparing for GATE, IES & other PSU exams?

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