Embedded Linux Training

Embedded Training Course with Placement

Embedded Linux training in Pune:

Embedded Linux:

  • Overview for Embedded Linux
  • Use of embedded Linux in applications
  • Linux Concepts
  • Accessing the command line (terminal and desktop)
  • Accessing and using manual pages
  • Working with the command line and the shell
  • Piping and redirection
  • Linux OS
  • Introduction to Open Source concepts
  • Development environment and Tools
  • Linux file system
  • Basics regarding Kernel Space and its interface to User Space
  • Shell and basic shell commands
  • Different Linux commands like cp , mv mount
  • Introduction to VI editor.
  • Creating script
  • Shell variables conditions (if else )
  • Shell control structures
  • Shell programs to read  command line parameters
  • Linux lab  for  shell programming
  • Open source and choice-points for Embedded development
  • Setting up Embedded development environment
  • Boot loader and building root file system
  • Components of Embedded Linux Kernel
  • Embedded application programming

Embedded Linux & OS Concepts:

  • Linux Architecture
  • Introduction to components of I/O architecture
  • Objectives of Linux I/O model
  • Virtual file system
  • File system services
  • I/O cache
  • Understanding file descriptors
  • Generic Architecture of a Embedded Linux,
  • System Start up, Types of Boot Configuration
  • Root File System Structure, Root file system setup
  • Setting up the boot loader
  • Embedded Storage (Memory Technology Devices)
  • Embedded File System
  • Introduction to common file APIs
  • Accessing file attributes
  • Standard I/O operations
  • File control operations(fcntl())
  • Alternate File I/O models
  • Huge file I/O
  • Monitoring File and directory events
  • Use cases
  • Process creation  & Process  termination
  • Threads ,programming on threads
  • Inter process communication
  • Different IPC mechanism  like shared memory  semaphores, message queues
  • Process synchronization mechanism, mutexes
  • Linux system calls for signals
  • Difference between native compiler and cross compiler
  • Porting Linux kernel and Root file system to Rpi board
  • Raspbian OS (Linux Desktop)
  • Setting up the RPi : Raspbian OS
  • Booting the RPi
  • Writing Linux Application on Rpi

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