Raspberry pi training in Pune

Raspberry Pi training in Pune            

Introduction to RPi
a. Board
b. ARM SoC (system-on-chip) architectureRaspberry pi training pune
c. Hardware interfaces

Software for RPi

Raspbian OS (Linux Desktop):

Linux :

  • Linux Concepts
  • Accessing the command line (terminal and desktop)
  • Accessing and using manual pages
  • Working with the command line and the shell
  • Piping and redirection
  • Linux OS
  • Different Linux commands like cp , mv mount
  • Introduction to VI editor. VI editor settings
  • Creating script
  • Shell variables conditions (if else )
  • Shell control structures
  • Shell programs to read command line parameters
  • Linux lab for shell programming

Hands-on Projects

  • Setting up the RPi – Raspbian OS
  • Booting the RPi
  • Networking the RPi
  • Basics of the Linux OS used on the Pi
  • GPIO Interfacing using Linux
  • File-sharing on the RPi
  • Sensor Interfacing
  • Text to Audio Play
  • Video playback on the RPi
  • Connecting a USB webcam
  • Video streaming on the RPi
  • Bluetooth Interfacing
  • Wi-Fi Interfacing
  • Access the World Wide Web
  • Hosting Web Page on Raspberry Pi
  • Controlling Motor through Web Server
  • Building Web Server Project

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit includes

  • Raspberry Pi
  • 4GB Flash SD Card
  • Breadboard (a.k.a. protoboard)
  • Pi Cobbler and cable (to attach a Pi to a breadboard)
  • Collection of LEDs
  • Temperature sensor
  • Collection of resistors
  • Collection of connecting wires

Special Feature:

Live projects implementation included in training for industry exposure.


  • Embedded Development Board with all peripherals will be provided to every student for practice in Lab.
  • Printed Notes.
  • CD Containing Sample programs, Tools & software’s, study material, Datasheets, Technical manuals etc.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Project completion certificate.

Duration: 1 Month

To download Syllabus
click->   Raspberry Pi



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