RTOS Training

RTOS Course in pune, RTOS Training in pune

Training Prerequisite:

Basic C Programming

Familiarity with embedded concepts

Syllabus of RTOS:

Architecture of OS

Operating system objectives and functions

Basic Theory of RTOS

Why to use RTOS, introduction & Basics 

Task, Muti-tasking

Task Creation and handling

Task calls, soft-hard real time,

Scheduler, Dispatcher, context switching

how to create a RTOS project

Inter-task Event Synchronisation

Inter-task Communication

event based scheduling

Priority Scheduling

semaphore handling

Counting semaphores

Binary semaphores.

priority inversion

Deadlock: Principles of deadlock

Deadlock Prevention techniques

Deadlock Avoidance, Deadlock Detection

An Integrated Deadlock Strategies.

Mailbox handling


Message queue

how to create a RTOS project (Kernel source file)

source file edition, timer ticks calculation,

Making use of os low-level functions

Keil os_create_task


how to see the output in simulation (Keil debugger) and hardware

assignment1 (Switch, led, counter, serial)

assignment2 (lcd, led ,serial)













ARMLPC2148 Introduction-basics

RTOS Project creation in Keil (MDK tool chain)

defining and creating tasks

Handling isr 

Assignment based on Preemptive and isr handling

Mailbox handling

Practice Session

Interview question discussion

Duration : 15 days